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The Butterflies Launch!

If you are just tuning in, welcome! You can check out this page for more information. First off, a big thank you to everyone online and off that gave such great suggestions for the good deeds! I was inspired by all of your ideas and suggestions in writing the acts of kindness.

I have been busily writing, folding, and stamping the butterflies. There were lots of little (and big) decisions to make along the way. Which acts to include? What is kindness? These questions got me thinking about this idea and how we approach life, so more on that another time...

I created a list of acts of kindness to include on my first 100 butterflies and to posted them here to inspire others that might want to participate by making new butteflies. I aimed for each one to be something that could be done relatively easily, has a positive impact on someone else, and doesn't cost money (except for a couple that involve giving meals or food.)

I wanted something to mark the butterflies (to distinguish them from all the other origami butterflies in the neighborhood :-) so I stamped the project's title image on the outside of the butterfly. I hope that, for someone stumbling upon it, even seeing the title inspires the idea.

For now, today is the day! In a couple hours, I will take my bag of carefully folded and stamped butterflies to Offramp Gallery and place them in the garden. I hope many of you will join in launching them into the world by taking one and completing the act of kindness inside.


For those that are local, hope to see you later today at Offramp Gallery! For that that are further away, please join us in whatever way you can!

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