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Rough Seas, Smooth Sailing

Another set of butterflies will launch this Friday evening, October 10, at Offramp Gallery for Pasadena ArtNight. Since so many people asked me how to make the butterflies last time, this Friday, I will be there in the early evening to guide viewers/participants to make the butterflies.

The first time I wrote acts and folded butterflies, I was very busy helping to teach a workshop on campus and getting a new piece ready for another exhibition, a group show at Edward Cella Gallery. But I had decided that I wanted to be calm and relaxed and joyful as I made the butterflies. And this goal was made a lot easier by my cat Ricky, who stayed by my side and had a great time helping me.

In the short time since then, Ricky got very sick and passed away. It was incredibly painful to lose my sweet animal friend. As I started to fold a new batch of butterflies this afternoon, I thought of Ricky and just couldn't find the same happy light feeling that I wanted to have as I made the butterflies.

Sometimes, lots of times, life throws us curveballs of various sizes. It isn't generally easy to maintain a perpetually optimistic outlook and an overall awareness of how our actions impact others, but it's at times like these when it's most important. In this and other recent trials, I felt held up and supported by so many people that reached out and were kind. Kindness really is contagious.

We all face obstacles and trials, large and small, deep and superficial. It is easy to get lost in these or the feelings they bring up and forget what really matters. To me, that is what Pollinating Kindess is about: remembering that each one of us is equally vulnerable and vital and the way we treat each other makes a difference.

Even the smallest kindness matters.

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