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Acts of Kindness

Smile at five people today.

Help someone carry a heavy load.

Give five sincere compliments today.
Clean up a mess that is not your own.
Bring homemade soup to someone that is sick.
Write letters of appreciation to people in your life.
Learn about a new charity and do one thing to help.
Next time you feel offended, pause, take another view.
Let someone ahead of you in line, even if you are in a hurry.

Be nice to someone that, for whatever reason, gets on your nerves.
Research a social problem and teach someone what you learn about it.
Make five peanut butter sandwiches and give them to someone that is hungry.
Carry a pocketful of paper hearts or fortunes and give them out all day.

Next time you start to say something hurtful, stop. Find another way.

Slow down and let someone ahead of you while driving.
Give a meal to someone that is hungry or homeless.

Call a friend that is not well to check in and listen.
Put coins in an expired parking meter.
Pick up five pieces of litter this week.

Read (or give) a book to a child.

Plant flowers that bees like.

Smile at five people today. 

A big thank you to everyone online and off that brainstormed with me to create this list of acts of kindness!

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