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How to Participate

Do something kind today. That is the first way to participate.

To become a kindness pollinator: 


Come to the exhibition at Offramp Gallery from Sept. 14 - Oct 12, take a butterfly from the garden, and complete the act of kindness written on the inside. After you complete the act of kindness, feel free to refold the butterfly using the Yoshizawa method and place it somewhere in your community. If you prefer to keep the butterfly, you can use it as a reminder to be kind in various ways throughout your life. 


GLOBALLY (Anywhere + LA Area)
If you live outside the Los Angeles area and want to participate, you can
create new butterflies with new acts of kindness. Follow the instructions to fold and stamp the butterflies. Visit the list on this page to get inspiration for acts of kindness to write on the butterflies.  

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